A great way to help you decide on flavors for your wedding cake is to have a tasting. It gives you an opportunity to communicate with your wedding cake designer/baker about your vision, colors, and the design of your cake. It also gives me a chance to answer any questions you may have. A tasting is $30 for two people.


Pricing for wedding cakes are as follows: *additional cost for intricate designs/details.

Buttercream cake.….. Starting at $5.50 per serving.

Fondant cake. ………. Starting at $6.50 per serving.

Wedding cupcakes (custom colors and flavors may be additional) $30 per dozen.

Classic White

Light and fluffy white cake with lemon curd & vanilla buttercream. $5.50 per serving.

White Chocolate Berry

White Chocolate cake with raspberry filling & white chocolate buttercream. $6.25 per serving.

The One

A rich yellow cake with raspberry filling & almond buttercream. This is the most requested wedding flavor and no matter what other cakes are present at a tasting the bride/groom always says… “this is the one” (hence the name). $5.75 per serving.

Red Velvet

Southern classic red velvet cake with cream cheese icing & vanilla buttercream. $6.25 per serving.

Perfect Chocolate

Moist chocolate cake with chocolate or espresso & vanilla or chocolate buttercream. $5.50 per serving.

Lemon Raspberry cake

Lightly lemon sponge cake with raspberry filling & lemon buttercream. $5.75 per serving.